Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gilmores ring in the New Year with Ethiopian food

After a full December with lots of family in town, we decided to go a little more low-key for New Year's Eve and day. Our friends Stacie and Forest Benedict invited us to Fresno's only Ethiopian restaurant, Lucy's Lair. We joined them last year for this fabulous food and we decided to make it a new tradition. We ate Ethiopian in honor of the adopted Ethiopian child who will be joining the Benedict family this year. Doug and Maria, Paul and Michelle also joined us for the meal.

Baby Cindy also joined us for the meal. She led the team in "eating with your hands." (Meilani spent a few hours at Nama and Grandpa's house.)

The food was truly fabulous. We ordered a combination vegetarian plate and a combination meat plate. Ethiopian is eaten family style and served injera bread. The prices were surprisingly reasonable and we practically had the place to ourselves. Pretty night for New Year's Eve.

After dinner, Forest and Stacie returned to our house where we met up with Meilani and had a game night. We played a fun new game called "Speak Out Loud" and watched the ball drop in New York on television. Meilani girl even stayed up until midnight and had a glass of sparkling apple cider with the rest of us. Then we promptly headed for bed.

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Stephanie said...

I love Lucy's Lair...I went there a year or so again, and it was so good!