Friday, April 04, 2008

Let the birthday season begin

In our family, spring is birthday season. We have 1 in March, 3 in April, 5 in May - just in our immediate family. (We almost need a separate bank account to cover all the festivities.) Wednesday was Ericlee's 34th birthday but we started the celebrations a little early with family. Last weekend when we visited Paul and Michelle we all went out to Buca di Bepo, a family-style Italian restaurant, for some grub. Ericlee's birthday is April 2 and Michelle's is April 9 so we decided on a joint party.

Just like old Italian grandmas, Mom (Maria) and I brought our knitting along and worked vigorously while we waited for our table. (Ok, ok, we were trying to both finish our baby gifts for the shower on Sunday. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.) We were oh-so-nerdy and attracted lots of funny attention at the restaurant.

We also indulged in some time with Paul and Michelle to relax and catch up. Since last we saw them they have HAD A BABY and we took our trip to Haiti so we had lots of little stories to share and it was nice not to have dishes at the end of our feast.

We have to tease Michelle about this pic because when her birthday dessert arrived she was on the phone! (Yikes on the table ettiquete.) But we let her slide by on that one since it was her beloved grandpa who was concerned about Cynthia. We laughed because Paul's usually the one we have to pry off the phone.

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The Growing VM Family said...

Happy Birthday all! You're tellin' me about the April/May birthdays and anniversaries. We have EIGHT-- a very crowded calendar (and empty wallet) indeed. I do love Buca, yum!